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Waggle Pack

Waggle Pack

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✔️ Lightweight & comfy for all dogs 

✔️ Made for all weather conditions

✔️ 5 year guarantee on materials

✔️ Fits everything your dog needs

✔️ Includes 2 FREE E-Books! ($40 value)

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It's gotta' be the worst part

Every time we excitedly take our dog for their favorite time of the day, we dread one thing the most...

You know, that thing our dogs do every time we're walking...

It's just something we accept.

But now our dog does the carrying?!!

Yup. Absolutely.

And the best part?

They do it with a smile & a spring in their step.

Now you can both walk with a smile on your dial, and forget about the gross poop carrying days of the past!

Designed with your dogs wellbeing in mind

- Every aspect of the Waggle Pack is for the safety & comfort of your dog. With perfect alignment on their back, it keeps an even weight distribution on their spine.

- The reflective stripes make them easily seen in the dark.

- The soft nylon mesh stops sweat & chafing.

33,000+ happy customers

Since the beginning of 2021 we've been bringing joy to dogs all over the globe. Our products don't compromise on quality!

Look at this cutie!!

It's not all just practicality & poop carrying. These backpacks actually look adorable on all dogs.

Get your Waggle Pack today, and join the cute parade!