This special rubber ball is
a tugging game used to
 stimulate your dogs brain. 

  • "Made tough to handle heavy tuggers' & chewers'."
  • "Perfect for burning energy."
  • "Add biscuits to the ball for maximum stimulation." 
  •  "Keep your dog entertained for hours."
  • "Reduce bad behaviors & separation anxiety."  

We Have The Same Problem 

We can't always walk our dog. Sometimes life gets in the way. This leaves them bursting with energy & hard to manage. Unfortunately traditional dog toys need your encouragement for play. Impossible when your out the house!

Finally A Game Changer

The Tug O' War Hero has totally reinvented the traditional tug toy. It uses sensory play (taste, smell, touch & sound) to stimulate your dogs brain  as they tug, pull & chew. This mental stimulation causes brain activity similar to learning a new trick. Over time this raises their IQ & decreases their fear of the world around them.

Made Tough

Strong rubber & rope will stand the test of time. The bungee cord is extra thick to resist those cheeky chewers!

Easy to Use

Simply attach cord to the stake, then screw it into the ground. Encourage play by squeaking the ball or place biscuits/treats inside for increased play! 



Big happy Rottweiler

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Review 
amazing quality. I have 2 big dogs that destroy every toy I get them in 15 minutes. This is very high quality with thick rubber and a very strong bungee. highly recommended and would buy again. 


Loves it everyday

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Review
3 Months later. He has not destroyed it and always plays hard with it everyday. Best purchase of the year this game!! There is not a day where he does not play with it!


What we are offering here is true value in your dogs development through all stages in life.  What is that worth to you? Today we have a special introductory offer to help bring the Tug O' War Hero to the world. Our regular price of $54 has been slashed down to a ridiculous $27!  We just want to see them enjoyed around the globe to help build a stronger community of awesome dogs.

The Value Stacks Up Fast

In order to grow the Waggle Hound community worldwide we are also offering FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR DOORSTEP! Yes, you heard that right.
Between dog trainers, special toys & various techniques, costs can add up fast! This one time investment can guarantee a better future for years to come with no unforeseen expenses. 

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