Forget What You Know
About Dog Toys. 

This tasty Avocado Mat is a puzzle game used to encourage their natural foraging instinct.

  • "Watch them solve the treat puzzle with their nose."
  • "The secret to calming an energetic dog."
  • "Brain games burn energy faster than physical exercise." 
  •  "A multi-sensory experience like no other."
  • "Encourage their natural foraging instinct."  

Did Someone Say Treats?

Treat time is one of their favorite times of day. Take treat time to a whole new level of bonding with the Avocado Snuffle Mat. This excitement every day will build bonds stronger than ever before!  

Finally A Game Changer

The Snuffle Mat is the best in its field - totally reinventing the traditional dog toy. Encourage their natural foraging instinct & stimulate their brain as they scan each nook & cranny to track down hidden biscuits.  Say goodbye to your dog's anxiety and watch how excited they get when you bring the Snuffle Mat out.

Machine Washable

Just toss it into the washing machine! Made from strong fleece fabric it is easily cleaned.

Easy to Use

Simply place biscuits deep in the fabric folds. The material will bury them inside the mat.



What we are offering here is true value in your dogs development through all stages in life.  What is that worth to you? Today we have a special introductory offer to help bring the Snuffle Mat to the world. Our regular price of $79 USD has been slashed down to a ridiculous $31 USD!  We just want to see them enjoyed around the globe to help build a stronger community of intelligent dogs.

The Value Stacks Up Fast

In order to grow the Snuffle Mat community worldwide we are also offering FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR DOORSTEP! Yes, you heard that right.
Between dog trainers, special toys & various techniques, costs can add up fast! This one time investment can guarantee a better future for years to come with no unforeseen expenses. 

Avocado Snuffle Mat
Avocado Snuffle Mat
Avocado Snuffle Mat
Avocado Snuffle Mat
Avocado Snuffle Mat
Avocado Snuffle Mat

Avocado Snuffle Mat

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 Puzzle solving with their nose 

 Calms an energetic dog 

10 mins snuffling = 30 mins walking

 Great fun for a senior dog

 Keeps their brain & mind healthy

 A multi-sensory experience like no other


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