Transform your dogs summer with WaggleSplash®

Summer gets hot! As exciting as it is to welcome the sun, we often forget our dogs have a winter jacket built in that never comes off. Veterinarians recommend devices like WaggleSplash® to keep our dogs temperatures at a safe level.

Involve the whole family!

Our version 2.0 is EXTRA large and WAY MORE FUN. With pictures of cute sea critters, it appeals more to the kids + the bigger size means the whole family, dogs & all can play together!

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WaggleSplash® 2.0 Outdoor Fun

WaggleSplash® 2.0 Outdoor Fun

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🔵 Allows outdoor play in the hot summer. It's also made to comply with water restrictions.

🔵 Easy setup + Includes our best selling eBooks (usually $40) absolutely FREE.

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  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Loved by 5000+ happy dogs
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What's in the box?

Included in the box is everything you need.

1 x WaggleSplash® 2.0 splash pad. (68" size).

1 x hose adaptor. Fits all usual home & garden hoses.

1 x Repair patch. (If ever needed).

How to set it up

It's easier than ever.

Simply roll it out, plug the hose in & let it rip. To adjust the water height just turn your tap pressure up or down.

Where's it shipped from?

Our WaggleSplash® is shipped from right here in the USA. This allows fast 2 day delivery.

Right now as part of our pre summer sale, the delivery is FREE.

What is our warrenty?

WaggleSplash® includes a 1 year warranty & no need to return option.

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