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Retractapup® 2 in 1 Harness & Leash

    4.8 (298 reviews)


Recommended by Michael Stack - Dog trainer

“I recommend this to all my clients. This product causes less tangles and allows owners to quickly gain control of their dog. It's a no brainer”

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The Best Is Here

It's easier than ever before to switch between walking your dog and letting them roam free. All without tangles or dragging. This 2 in 1 harness has made pets & their owners lives much more stress free.

Why choose Retractapup®?

  • Everything needed for a walk in one place

  • Tangle free

  • Quick control 

  • No choking & super comfortable

  • Has anyone seen where I put the dog leash?

  • Wrapped around your legs

  • leash dragging around

  • Collar choking your pup

“Quick control over my German Shepherd”

“I love the idea behind it. I walk my dog without holding the leash (around parks ect) but when I see another dog coming I need quick control over my boy. This leash and harness combo is perfect. I can call my dog and grab his leash in one swift motion. I used to have to grab his collar and attach his leash every single time.”

Helen Truan

California, USA

4.8/5 based on 298 reviews

How strong is it?

Strong enough to pull a car!!