Published: February 23, 2023

Over 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year In Car Accidents In The United States Alone.

And The Worst Part?

84% Of These Deaths Are Preventable.
Caused By Dogs Not Being Restrained In The Car.

Short-haired border collie Archie (pictured above) was enjoying the passing sights and smells of a car ride, his head hanging out the window, when things took a surprising turn.

A sudden stop saw Archie catapulted out of the car and onto the street outside a local supermarket. He landed unharmed, on all four paws, looking very confused.

Archie’s owner Rebekah Narbey said her partner, who was driving at the time, was “mortified” as he scrambled to rescue Archie from the traffic.

Kathleen Crisley (pictured above), a dog rehabilitation and massage therapist, said there is a balance to be struck between safety and enjoyment.

“Wearing a harness attached to an anchor point lets them retain some freedom of movement, but stay protected if something happens.”

A 2019 study by car manufacturer Volvo revealed drivers are twice as likely to cause a distracted accident when their dogs roamed free. Drivers & their dogs are also calmer, with lower heart rates, when some type of restraint is used.

What Steps Can I Take To Keep My Dogs Safe?

Here's The 3 Best Options We Have Found:

(3): A Pet Barrier - This is a device that separates the front and back seats of the car and keeps your dog in the back.

Make sure the barrier is securely fastened to the car and that your dog cannot climb over it.

Keep in mind this will stop them from distracting you (the driver), but offers little safety in an actual crash.

(2): A Pet Carrier - These come in all shapes & sizes from small material boxes to full size crates.

The problem with these is that the crate itself becomes a heavy flying object during a sudden stop or accident.

The securing point is also the weakest part. Being made from sewn material it will rip apart with a sudden impact.

(1): A Dog Seat Belt - The best option when it comes to keeping your dog safe on the road.

These come in many varieties & at first glance all seem to do the same job. We have tested all the major types of seat belts offered and have reached a conclusion on the safest. SEE BELOW.

TrueLove™ is the only one that uses your car's actual seat belt as the restraint. All other dog seat belts we tested use their own straps that break & split under sudden impact.

Do you trust a real seat belt that has decades of safety behind it? Or these cheaply made straps that have no real world testing? - The answer is obvious.

If you want the piece of mind that your dogs are safe on the road & not going to become a statistic - Make the move to a dog seat belt today!

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